Innovative cargo operations in local ports for reducing environmental hazards

The envisaged objective of the future regular project is to develop new green technologies for improving cargo handling in seaports and establishing a sustainable knowledge framework related to cost-effective methods for minimizing the leakage of dry bulk cargo during port operations.

Project total eligible budget
€ 40,000.00
€ 33,200.00
Project start date
01 Mar 2023
Project end date
30 Jun 2023
Lead partner

Name: Port of Elbląg
Address: Portowa, 1-3, Elbląg, 83-300    
Region/Subregion: REGION PÓŁNOCNY, Warmińsko-mazurskie, Elbląski PL621    
Country: Poland

Project partner

Name: Race For The Baltic
Country: Sweden

Name: K2 Solutions
Country: Poland

Name: Public Institution Coastal Research and Planning Institute
Country: Lithuania