Impact evaluation of the intervention on specific objectives of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020

The Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020 has been a subject to a sophisticated evaluation "Mid-term evaluation of the impact of interventions implemented under the specific objectives of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2014 - 2020 INTERREG V-A Poland - Denmark - Germany - Lithuania - Sweden (South Baltic)" carried out to assess the level of Programme's achievement and the effectiveness of the projects implementing system. The evaluation report reveals a successful implementation of the Programme, strong contribution to creation of cross-border networks as well as an extensive recognition of the Programme and know-how generation.


Evaluation was conducted in the scope of 7 established tasks:

Task 1. Assessment of the impact of the Programme;

Task 2. Implementation of horizontal principles;

Task 3. Evaluation of information and promotion activities;

Task 4. Contribution to the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region;

Task 5. Update of result indicators specific to the Programme;

Task 6. Analysis of the institutional capacity of Programme authorities;

Task 7. Contribution to the implementation of the EU Strategy for smart, sustainable economic growth conducive to the social inclusion.


Read the final report from the study  here (pdf) 7.14 MB