Happy Europe Day 2022!

On the 9th of May, we celebrate Europe Day, in commemoration of the Schuman Declaration that paved the way for European integration. In 2000, the European Union chose the motto “United in Diversity” to symbolise this common path. As Interreg South Baltic, we pursue the integration goal by constantly supporting the European transboundary cooperation projects among local stakeholders in our region. Throughout the 2014-2020 programming perspective: 

  • 90 projects were contracted, of which 26 seed money projects were selected in two seed money calls for proposals and 64 regular projects selected in six calls for proposals

  • 43 seed money projects were selected in the 3rd seed money call, facilitating the preparation of regular project proposals for the upcoming Programme 2021-2027

  • 75 million euros expenditure were certified by European Commission

To know more about Europe Day and the activities organised across the Member States follow the link.


Europe Day celebration graphic with the EU emblem and the sea