Guidelines for project partners on project implementation during epidemic risk caused by COVID-19

The current pandemic situation may have a significant impact on implementation of South Baltic projects. We are aware that projects may be forced to cancel or postpone some activities or face the need to introduce other necessary changes.

The Managing Authority advises to act in accordance with the instructions of the relevant authorities responsible for public health, such as WHO or national health organisations.

In order to mitigate negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Managing Authority together with the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020, with the support of Heads of the delegations to the Programme’s Monitoring Committee, launched a package of simplifications to allow more flexible project implementation and more flexible use of the rules in the Programme Manual.

The selected list of simplified mechanisms is introduced in order to reduce negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic (treated as force majeure) and does not intend to change the rules in the South Baltic Programme implementation laid down in the Programme Manual.

Please note that each case will be examined by the Joint Secretariat individually and requires prior contact with the JS and a proper justification of COVID-19 influence on project implementation. Depending on the type of a problem, the JS will be looking, in collaboration with the project, for an optimal solution in each given case. The Programme bodies will be as flexible as possible to facilitate project implementation by introducing the following package of simplifications.

Please be in contact with the officers of the Joint Secretariat and keep following the Programme’s website for any further updates or cancellation.


 Download the Guidelines on Projects Implementation_accessible version 


 Download the Guidelines on Projects Implementation