FilmNet - South Baltic Film and Culture Network

Project description

Despite the efforts made, there is still a need to increase the sustainability of cross-border cooperation initiatives in the South Baltic Sea. Few local entities participate in the cross-border projects and initiatives to improve the quality of services being offered – this often happens due to the lack of common ground of action, a common denominator that could unite different entities. For movie and culture entities such a common denominator is film and film art, especially, that within recent years film has become the most common and most universal means of communication. With the implementation of the FilmNet project, we want to develop cross-border cooperation by creating an international network focusing organizations of non-profit cinemas, especially non-multiplex cinemas, self-government cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations dealing with film education and the promotion of cinematography, but also institutions and organizations that are active in the field of cultural activities in South Baltic. The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of cross-border film and film art organizations to build cross-border co-operation through the creation of a network of collaborating institutions, international knowledge transfer, skills and experience exchange, and upgrading competence of partner institutions' workers and strengthening of Baltic Identity. The recipients of the project are partner institutions from Poland, Germany, Lithuania and Sweden and local and regional stakeholders to whom we intend to reach within the frame of the project. As a result, the potential of partner institutions for international cooperation will be strengthened. The result of the project will be an increase in the number of cooperating local actors in the South Baltic region. Popularization of results is intended to encourage new commers to join the network in the future and support its potential and experience.


Project outputs


FilmNet summary video


FilmNet Baltic Identity Film Tour: report


Project website

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Project total eligible budget
501 125,00 EUR
415 996,25 EUR
Project start date
01 Feb 2018
Project end date
30 Sep 2020
Lead partner
Name: Center of European Meetings Światowid in Elbląg
Address: Plac Jagiellończyka 1 82-300 Elbląg
Region/Subregion: Warmińsko-Mazurskie
Country: Poland
Project partner
Name: Reaktor Sydost
Address: Vilhelm Mobergs gata 2 SE35234 Växjö
Region/Subregion: Småland och öarna
Country: Sweden
Name: Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic
Address: Stary Rynek 25 82-300 Elbląg
Region/Subregion: Warmińsko-Mazurskie
Country: Poland
Name: Gargzdai centre of culture
Address: Klaipėdos g. 15 96135 Gargždai
Region/Subregion: Lithuania
Country: Lithuania
Name: Institute for New Media
Address: Friedrichstraße 23 18057 Rostock
Region/Subregion: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Country: German
Name: The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre
Address: Korzenna 33/35 80-851 Gdańsk
Region/Subregion: Pomorskie
Country: Poland
Category of intervention
096 Institutional capacity of public administrations and public services related to implementation of the ERDF or actions
supporting ESF institutional capacity initiatives