Explore South Baltic - Kalmar and Kronoberg

This week we come back to Sweden to discover two counties: Kalmar and Kronoberg Counties. Both counties are entirely part of the historical province of Småland. Kalmar region comprises a vast coastal area of Southern Sweden together with the island of Öland, where the natural landscape of Stora Alvaret represents one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country.

The counties’ seats, the cities of Kalmar and Växjö, host the Linnaeus University, an institute established in 2010 from the merge of Kalmar University and Växjö University. Linnaeus University is the lead partner of SB WELL project, which aims at promoting South Baltic coastline as attractive destination for wellbeing tourism among regional/international potential visitors. The project recognizes the opportunities and facilitates SMEs in offering products/services in wellbeing tourism and makes related information visible and accessible for target market.

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