Explore South Baltic - Blekinge

The next region we are going to present is Blekinge Country (in Swedish: Blekinge län) in Southern Sweden. This is the smallest region of the country, but not for this the less interesting. The country was formed in 1683 after the foundation of the city of Karlskrona, today the main administrative center and only baroch-styled city of Sweden. The city retains great importance since it hosts the largest naval base of Swedish Navy, the Naval Port of Karlskrona, which is also a UNESCO-recognised World Heritage Site.

Despite its maritime nature, Blekinge Country does not lack in the typical forest nature that characterises Swedish landscapes. Attractive Hardwoods is a project led by the Swedish Forest Agency in cooperation with partners from Poland and Lithuania that aims at promoting hardwoods sites as destination of cross-border tourism in the South Baltic region.


hardwoods in the forest