European Maritime Day 2021

European cooperation helps to raise the quality of life – in and all around the Baltic Sea. The Interreg South Baltic Programme projects work on developing innovative solutions to challenges detected in the programming area, preventing risk and hazards related to the sea, and improving the quality of life and professional competencies of its inhabitants.

Let’s see what areas, in particular, cover our projects and their examples!

Protection of the Baltic Sea water directly and indirectly.

Morpheus Less is More BAPR

Counteracting the climate change which affects the coasts of the Baltic Sea.

LiveLagoons COASTAL Biogas

Security at the sea – safely and responsibly undertaking hazards at the sea.

SB Oil

Aquaculture – an innovative sector of the maritime economy with a huge potential for growth and a job market.

InnoAquaTech AquaVIP

Coastal and sustainable maritime tourism where the protection of cultural and natural heritage are key points.

CATCH SB Well DUNC SB Manors ArchaeoBalt Baltic Museums Love IT CICPA SB Fica SB Nature Guide Network Baltic Heritage Routes

Blue economy with jobs in the maritime industry

BBVET Baltic for All Fish Markets

Sustainable transport reducing transports costs and carbon footprint.


European Maritime Day 2021 graphic with sea views



The video shows organisations and people who have cooperated across borders to tackle a variety of maritime challenges in different parts of Europe, including our project COASTAL Biogas. It has been produced by the Interreg Knowledge of the Seas Network, coordinated by Interact Programme .