Europe Day 2020 - 70th anniversary of the Schuman declaration

On today’s Europe Day we are celebrating 70 years of the Schuman declaration. Where would we be without it?



The declaration of 9️ May 1950 by Robert Schuman marks the birth of our Europe as we know it today. Short after World War II Schuman declared, that a solidarity between European countries needs to be created in order to make another war impossible.

The German and French production of coal and steel was to be subordinated under a supranational High Authority. The High Authority was to be independent of the national states, so that a truly joint production of coal and steel would make another war against each other impossible.

Did you know, that this High Authority has many years later become our European Commission? The dream of Robert Schuman has come true – the European Union is preventing wars amongst our EU countries.

Not everything is perfect yet – the EU is a process which began after World War II and lasts until today. But Interreg gives all of us the chance to create better local environments, to create better cooperation, to create a better Europe.