EcoInter - Economic integration through the increased use of the intermodal infrastructure in the South Baltic Area

The number of freight units in the region is constantly increasing but the share of intermodal transport has not improved in recent years, despite the fact that new infrastructure is being built on Baltic-Adriatic Corridor (BAC) and it’s an extension to Scandinavia (Baltic Link). On top, they are losing cargo volumes despite being the optimal and eco-friendly south-north maritime connection. The main reason for that is a deficiency of strong business and social ties between the market participants of the supply chains. The challenge is also the lack of sufficient economic activity generated by logistic and intermodal operators.

The regular project leads to the preparation of a cooperation strategy between the companies in the logistics and transport industry, which ensures the implementation of business, marketing, legislative and technological solutions aimed at increasing zero or low-emission transport in the region.

Project total eligible budget
€ 40,000.00
€ 32,400.00
Project start date
01 Jul 2022
Project end date
31 Oct 2022
Lead partner
Name: Association of Polish Regions of Baltic Adriatic Transport Corridor
Address: Okopowa  21/27 Gdański PL634, 80-810
Region/Subregion: REGION PÓŁNOCNY, Pomorskie
Country: Poland 
Project partner
Name: Municipality of Karlskrona
Country: Sweden