CROSSROADS – Crossroads in History

Project description

The South Baltic Region consists of countries with deep historical relationships (both cultural & commercial cooperation as well as conflicts & wars). It is therefore interesting to see the network of museums from Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Sweden intending to jointly work with innovative historical methodology (Time Travel) addressing the same socio-economical phenomenon -MIGRATION - from the international perspective. This phenomenon has been jointly selected as a result of meeting held within the Umbrella project in Gdansk in June 2018. The partnering museums from Kalmar, Klaipeda, Gdańsk, Gargzdai and Wismar supported by Klaipeda University decided to work further within the project CROSSROADS in HISTORY for better understanding of challenges of modern society in the region through the historical background.

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The goal of this project is to promote regional identity through multinational Time-Travel method used by participating museums. The technical work within the project is organized in the two packages: WP3 (Capacity), which intends to increase the capacity of the network and institutions through training on the  Time Travel methodology, participation in international workshop on this methodology, training on networking and international cooperation (partnership, budget, reporting, etc) as well as building capacity on international communication; and WP4 (Regional Product), within which it is planned to select a conceptualisation of the Regional Product (MIGRATION), develop the product in each participating museum, verify the outcomes from regional/international perspective and promote the product.

Moreover, the project also brings additional benefits - for the people, as using the common history of the region allows to look at the present and future, and broaden one’s horizons; and also for the museums, as they have the opportunity to increase their reach beyond the borders of their own country. Furthermore, from the regional perspective, projects, such as this, help to bring together the common history and common future of the South Baltic region and help to create a common identity.


Project outputs


Manual introducing the Time Travel method with an example of a lesson scenario and a pilot example Polish version


Project website

Find the CROSSROADS Project website here.

Project total eligible budget
489,628.53 EUR
399,576.10 EUR
Project start date
01 Jul 2019
Project end date
30 Nov 2021
Lead partner
Name: Kalmar County Museum
Address: Skeppsbrogatan 51, Kalmar, 39121
Region/Subregion: Småland med öarna
Country: Sweden
Project partner
Name: Klaipėda University
Address: Herkaus Manto st. 84, Klaipėda, LT-92294
Region/Subregion: Lithuania
Country: Lithuania
Name: European Solidarity Centre    
Address: Pl. Solidarności 1, Gdańsk, 80-863
Region/Subregion: Pomorskie
Country: Poland
Name: National Museum in Gdańsk
Address: Toruńska 1, Gdańsk, 80-822
Region/Subregion: Pomorskie
Country: Poland
Name: Historic Museum of Wismar
Address: Beguinenstraße 4, Wismar, 23966
Region/Subregion: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Country: Germany

Name: Gargždai Land Museum
Address: Sodo str. 5, Gargždai, 96136
Region/Subregion: Lithuania
Country: Lithuania

Category of intervention
120 Capacity building for all stakeholders delivering education, lifelong learning, training and employment and social
policies, including through sectoral and territorial pacts to mobilise for reform at the national, regional and local levels