Communication training is behind us

Last week, the Joint Secretariat organised a communication training for Communication Managers from the Interreg South Baltic projects. The two-day training took place in Gdansk, Poland. The focus of the training was on communication strategy and branding, as well as sources for promoting the projects' results in a visible and attractive way. Participants were given the opportunity to exchange their communication practices and to discuss how to make project communication more effective.

Danilo Distefano, a volunteer of the Interreg Volunteer Youth Programme in the Joint Secretariat wrote about this event.


How crucial is communication for promoting projects?

On 22-23 May, the Interreg South Baltic Programme Joint Secretariat organised the “Communication Training for Project Communication Managers” at Radisson Blue Hotel located in Gdansk.
During the first day, among the topics, were particularly treated those linked to the importance of building a brand. What is a brand? Which are its functions? Which target group must be selected in order to promote an original and innovative brand? Which tools for creating a competitive brand (e.g. paid, owned and earned media)?
In the course of the second day, the following arguments were mostly stressed: the current issues connected to communication, as well as the emotions characterising a success story and its related project. In addition, participants were given the opportunity of being actively involved in different working groups in order to reflect on those challenges affecting communication (i.e. how to reach partners, and how to balance the interests of each specific partner), the tools through which it is possible to promote and share an attractive social campaign while facing a strong competition (for instance, 3 projects under the Interreg South Baltic Programme – precisely BBVET, CICPA, and UMBRELLA – have applied for Interreg Project Slam 2019).
As concerns the implementation of any project, no doubt over the fact that how and what to communicate is too fundamental in order to persuade potential partners to cooperate actively and enthusiastically together.