CoBiUM-Cargo bikes in urban mobility

Project title
Project description
The overall objective of CoBiUM is to reduce car-traffic and parking pressure in urban areas – relieving roads, making them safer and creating new space, reduce air pollution and noise emissions and as a consequence improve the quality of living in Baltic cities. At a higher level the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a strategic objective of this project. CoBiUM will focus on three thematic areas: private users, municipal services and business logistics. CoBiUM will offer innovative and sustainable solutions, helping municipalities in the South Baltic area to integrate cargo bikes into their urban mobility concepts. At the same time the knowledge about the potential of cargo bikes and their acceptance among private users and businesses will be improved through targeted communication and campaigning – at project level as well as at local level. In CoBiUM the partners will carry out pilots (with small scale-investments) in one or more of the three thematic areas (private use, municipal services and business logistics). The pilots themselves as well as the accompanying communication and campaigning will take into account the different levels of advancement in the respective country with regard to cycling culture and mobility behaviour. There will be a sound evaluation plan in place before the pilots start. From comparing the findings from the individual pilots and the lessons learned the partners will jointly be able to draw conclusions, identify good practice examples and produce guidelines with communication strategies and advice on the measures’ transferability with regard to the different development levels of bicycle mobility in the different countries. This will also ensure a broad transferability and uptake of good practice examples throughout the entire South Baltic area.
Project total eligible budget
1 823 470,00
1 452 602,50
Project start date
02 Jan 2018
Project end date
31 Jan 2021
Lead partner
Name: City of Växjö Contact person: Pär Wallin Address: Västra Esplanaden 18, P. O Box 1222 SE 351 12 Växjö Region/Subregion: Småland och öarna Country: Sweden
Project partner
Name: University of Greifswald, Institute of Geography Contact person: Wilhelm Steingrube Address: Domstraße 11 17487 Greifswald Region/Subregion: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Country: Germany
Name: City of Slupsk Contact person: Katarzyna Dziewanowska Address: Plac Zwycięstwa 3 76-200 Słupsk Region/Subregion: Pomorskie Country: Poland
Name: City of Gdynia Contact person: Alicja Pawłowska Address: aleja Marsz. Piłsudskiego 52/54 81-382 Gdynia Region/Subregion: Pomorskie Country: Poland
Name: Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden Contact person: Sarah Nilsson Address: Smedjegatan 37 35243 Växjö Region/Subregion: Småland och öarna Country: Sweden
Name: Danish Cycling Tourism Contact person: Jesper Pørksen Address: Rømersgade 5 1362 Copenhagen K Region/Subregion: Country: Denmark