CICPA - Common Initiatives in Conserved and Protected Areas

Project description

The overall idea of the project is to support communities situated on Natura 2000 sites, together with their institutions, associations, local public bodies and other stakeholders, in building international cooperation focused on protected and conserved areas exploitation. The aim is to increase cross-border networking of local actors responsible for most important operations in their regions, connected to the protected areas potential which are: fishery, forestry and agriculture, tourism services as well as handicraft and art.

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The project shows a very attractive and innovative example of how stakeholder exchange can be realized in practice. Thus it demonstrates the benefits coming from international cooperation by cross-border networks focused on Natura 2000 aspects.

Taking part in cross-border cooperation is key to the development of small communities. Therefore, the project shows how to transfer good practice examples of capacity building possibilities to other communities exploiting Natura 2000 sites.




Project outputs


Project website

Find the CICPA Project website here.

Project total eligible budget
421 027,50 EUR
357 873,38 EUR
Project start date
01 Jan 2018
Project end date
31 Mar 2020
Lead partner
Name: Administration of Seaside Regional Park
Address: Placio 54 LT-92383 Karkle
Region/Subregion: Lithuania
Country: Lithuania
Project partner
Name: EUCC Baltic Office
Address: Kareiviniu str. 4 – 7 LT-92251 Klaipeda
Region/Subregion: Klaipeda
Country: Lithuania
Name: Society for The Coast (EUCC-Poland)
Address: Plac Batorego 4/33 70-207 Szczecin
Region/Subregion: Zachodniopomorskie
Country: Poland
Name: Community Centre of Culture in Stepnica
Address: Portowa 7 71-112 Stepnica
Region/Subregion: Zachodniopomorskie
Country: Poland
Category of intervention
096 Institutional capacity of public administrations and public services related to implementation of the ERDF or actions
supporting ESF institutional capacity initiatives