CaSYPoT - Capacity Building for Strategic Youth Policy and Transnational Cooperation

Project description

The project addresses low participation of local actors in the South Baltic Programme and their need for capacity building. By bringing together new-comer local authorities, in cooperation with universities, the project aims at showing the benefits of soft cross-border cooperation in regard of solving common problems in the field of youth issues. Cooperation will be facilitated by umbrella organization Euroregion Baltic and cooperation of regional authorities within it. Main aim of the project is to increase cross-border cooperation resulting in building capacity of local actors working with youth in the ERB. The partner municipalities will jointly carry out a survey among teenagers to identify their needs and problems, providing comparable data. It is a form of sharing good practice, as the survey has been formerly developed and implemented in Swedish municipalities, now it will just be adjusted to the other countries’ local contexts. The obtained results will be analysed by universities and compared between the countries. Also additional tools to get knowledge about the situation for youngsters in the participating municipalities and regions will be created and tested. Further it will lead to creating joint knowledge-based youth strategy in ERB as well as local youth strategies. It will allow to address several youth problems in the region, e.g. early school leaving. Such cooperation requires local actors responsible for youth issues to cooperate with each other as well as with the universities engaged in social studies. In regard to prepare a good quality survey close cooperation between the universities is necessary, which will lead to forming a network. Main result will be local actors, including new-comers, being involved in the South Baltic Programme and learning about the benefits of soft cross-border cooperation. Thanks to the cooperation in this project the participating institutions’ ability to join cross-border projects in the future will increase.

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Project website

Find CaSYPoT Project website here.

Project total eligible budget
457 331,00 EUR
357 732,35 EUR
Project start date
01 Jul 2016
Project end date
30 Jun 2019
Lead partner
Name: Association of Municipalities in Kalmar County
Address: Nygatan 34, 39127 Kalmar
Region/Subregion: Kalmar län
Country: Sweden
Project partner
Name: Municipality of Emmaboda
Address: Järnvägsgatan 28, 36121 Emmaboda
Region/Subregion: Kalmar län
Country: Sweden
Name: Linnaeus University
Address: Universitetsplatsen 1, 35195 Växjö
Region/Subregion: Kronobergs län
Country: Sweden
Name: Association of Polish Communes of Euroregion Baltic / ERB
Address: ul. Stary Rynek 25, 82-300 Elbląg
Region/Subregion: Elbląski
Country: Poland
Name: Klaipeda University
Address: Herkaus Manto 84, 92294 Klaipeda
Region/Subregion: Klaipedos apskritis
Country: Lithuania
Name: The City of Slupsk
Address: Plac Zwycięstwa 3, 76-200 Słupsk
Region/Subregion: Słupski
Country: Poland
Category of intervention
120 Capacity building for all stakeholders delivering education, lifelong learning, training and employment and social
policies, including through sectoral and territorial pacts to mobilise for reform at the national, regional and local levels