BioBIGG – Bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area: Biomass-based Innovation and Green Growth (Seed Money)

Project description

The future project aim is to unlock the innovation potential related to unutilised biological resources in the Agro-Industrial value chains (such as grain production, sugar production, vegetable production and manufacturing). Strengthening of the SME innovation capacity will be achieved through cross-border knowledge transfer, sharing on good practices, advisory activities and preparation of pilot projects and investments. Development of new knowledge and co-creation of innovative solutions will be adapted to
the specific situations and framework conditions in the participating regions. The project will concentrate on the most promising innovation and market maturation options in order to bring the biomass-based products, production processes and business models closer to the commercial stage.
Within the seed money project these potentials will be screened and assessed tentatively, whereas in the main project these potentials will be further explored, analysed, developed and disseminated.

Project total eligible budget
40 000,00 EUR
31 255,00 EUR
Project start date
01 Sep 2016
Project end date
31 Dec 2016
Lead partner
Name: Region Zealand
Address: Alleen 15, 4180
Region/Subregion: Vest-og Sydsjælland
Country: Denmark
Project partner
Name: Roskilde University
Address: Universitetsvej 1, 4000 Roskilde
Region/Subregion: Østsjælland
Country: Danmark
Name: Region Scania
Address: Västra Storgatan 12, 29189 Kristianstad
Region/Subregion: Skåne län
Country: Sweden
Name: JTI - Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engeneering
Address: Scheelevägen 27, 22363 Lund
Region/Subregion: Skåne län
Country: Sweden
Name: Agency for Renewable Resources
Address: Hofplatz 1, 18276 Gülzow-Prüzen, OT Gülzow
Region/Subregion: Landkreis Rostock
Country: Germany
Name: Gdańsk University of Technology
Address: Narutowicza 11/12, 80-233 Gdańsk
Region/Subregion: Gdański
Country: Poland
Category of intervention
066 Advanced support services for SMEs and groups of SMEs (including management, marketing and design services)