Biking South Baltic! - Promotion and development of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (Route No. 10) in Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden

What did the project change?

The project has raised the attractiveness of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (Route EV 10) from Copenhagen (DK) to Gdańsk (PL). Biking South Baltic has as well laid the ground work for further development of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route in 2020-2030.



What was the challenge?

The South Baltic region has a great unused potential for bicycle tourism, while the Baltic Sea Cycle Route  (EuroVelo 10) needed to be promoted and developed. The EuroVelo routes offer a great chance to increase bicycle tourism, but need to be promoted in a cross-border approach.



What did the project create?

The project created a promotion website of the EuroVelo route No. 10 from Copenhagen to Gdańsk and a strategy for the development of the EuroVelo route No. 10 for the years 2020-2030.


Project Outputs

Biking South Baltic Website thumbnail

Website promoting the EuroVelo Route No. 10: Copenhagen - Gdańsk.

Biking South Baltic Development Strategy thumbnail

Development Strategy 2020-2030 for the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (EuroVelo 10).

Biking South Baltic Survey Results thumbnail

Survey Results (2018) on cycling in the area of the EuroVelo route No. 10.


Project Website

Find the project website here / the promotional website here.


Full Project description

The project involves seven project partners, from Denmark (2), Germany (1), from Poland (3) and from Belgium (1) as well as ten associated partners. With this composition the project is covering three programme countries. The Pomorskie Tourist Board (PL) has a role of the lead partner. Partnership consists of local authorities, tourism sector representatives and NGOs (cyclists’ organisations). The core partners are supported by five associated partners, such as local and national authorities and NGOs operating in tourism sector.
The overall idea of the project is the improvement, promotion, connection and coordination of the natural and cultural tourist resources of the South Baltic areas' coastal regions as a cross-border, sustainable, well-recognized cycle tourism product: the Baltic Sea Cycle Route Copenhagen-Gdańsk. Building cross-border cooperation in the field of cycling tourism between South Baltic countries will increase the sustainability of tourism in the whole region.
The project’s activities are planned in 6 work packages. Work package 3 is focused to is establishing of the long-term, cross-border, sustainable and knowledge-based development of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route, as a flagship active tourism product in South Baltic area. WP4 is dedicated to increasing the visibility of South Baltic area as a cycle tourist destination and improving the access to the tourism information of active tourism products/services in this region. The next work package (WP5) is dedicated to increasing of the South Baltic area international recognition as an attractive, active tourism destination with the flagship cycle tourism product - Baltic Sea Cycle Route, connecting the number of natural and cultural heritage sites, tourist attractions and resorts. And finally the WP6 will work for improving the attractiveness of the South Baltic area for active tourism by testing, implementing, evaluating and disseminating new, innovative and eco-friendly solutions/services for the Baltic Sea Cycle Route infrastructure. Planned actions will increase the cycle tourists safety and satisfaction from the regional tourism offer together with protecting the nature from the devastation by the increasing number of tourists.
The main target groups involved in the project activities are:
Visitors and cycle tourists;
Businesses operating in the close vicinity of the route (domestic and external); tour operators, existing and planned bicyclist-friendly accommodation, other - bike rentals, ferry companies etc., public administration; other public institutions and administrators of natural/cultural tourist attractions, NGO responsible for cycle/tourism promotion on local/regional level;
Decision makers.

Project total eligible budget
988 036,69 EUR
807 982,52 EUR
Project start date
01 Jan 2017
Project end date
31 Dec 2019
Lead partner
Name: Pomorskie Tourist Board
Address: Wały Jagiellońskie 2a, 80-887 Gdańsk
Region/Subregion: Trójmiejski
Country: Poland
Project partner
Name: Pomorskie Voivodeship
Address: Okopowa 21/27, 80-810 Gdańsk
Region/Subregion: Trójmiejski
Country: Poland
Name: Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship
Address: Korsarzy 34, 70-540 Szczecin
Region/Subregion: Miasto Szczecin
Country: Poland
Name: European Cyclists' Federation
Address: Rue Franklin 28, 1000 Brussels
Region/Subregion: Other
Country: Other
Name: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Tourism Board
Address: Konrad-Zuse-Straße 2, 18057 Rostock
Region/Subregion: Kreisfreie Stadt Rostock
Country: Germany
Name: Centre for Regional and Tourism Research
Address: Stenbrudsvej 55, 3730 Nexo
Region/Subregion: Bornholm
Country: Denmark
Name: Danish Cycling Tourism
Address: Romersgade 5, 1362 Kobenhavn
Region/Subregion: Other
Country: Denmark
Category of intervention
091 Development and promotion of the tourism potential of natural areas