Project title
BBVET - Boosting Business Integration through joint VET Education
Project description
Schools and other institutions providing vocational/adult training need to adapt to the new market conditions in order to give an adequate response to the market needs. The question of internationalisation of vocational education and training (VET) is not a matter of choice, but a matter of necessity. Companies participating in cross-border collaborations create contacts for internationalisation, export and product development by forming networks of cluster where both the educational and business sector interacts together. Today the crediting of VET competencies (ECVET) exist and is recognized by all countries but up until today there are no practical experience in using this tool for either companies or schools. This project will bring the awareness and open up new opportunities in creating a dialogue with authorities, schools and companies that will lead to practical know-how about common validation methods and new models supporting cross-border collaboration. The aim is to develop and piloting the first international cross-border VET Education in the green and blue sector, involving 40 students and 5 countries. Practical experience and analyses of national curricula together with ECVET regulations in the specific vocational fields will be a main part of the project. This will promote steps towards internationalisation of VET schools and regional companies. The concept and curriculum would be transferable to other branches. The benefits for the companies would be to look at the South Baltic as an interregional labour market for international business cooperation’s with access to a new skilled and qualified labour force. For the VET schools, collaborations and cross-border cooperation with companies will make them more competitive and give them access to discover Erasmus mobility. On a policy level (Ministry for Economy, Ministry for Education) the benefits are practice-proofed approaches of labour mobility and practice-proofed approaches of validation.
Project total eligible budget
2 083 000,00 EUR
1 660 000,00 EUR
Project start date
01 May 2016
Project end date
31 May 2019
Lead partner
Name: NetPort Science Park Ltd
Address: Biblioteksgatan 4, 37435 Karlshamn
Region/Subregion: Blekinge län
Country: Sweden
Project partner
Name: University of Rostock- Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education
Address: Ulmenstraße 69, 18057 Rostock
Region/Subregion: Kreisfreie Stadt Rostock
Country: Germany
Name: Public institution Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Centre / RTVIC
Address: Parko 5, 90311 Rietavas
Region/Subregion: Telsiu apskritis
Country: Lithuania
Name: Zemaitija College
Address: L.Ivinskio 5, 90311 Rietavas
Region/Subregion: Telsiu apskritis
Country: Lithuania
Name: University of Szczecin
Address: Aleja Papieza Jana Pawla II 22a, 70-453 Szczecin
Region/Subregion: Szczeciński
Country: Poland
Name: EUC Zealand
Address: Jagtvej 2, 4700 Nastved
Region/Subregion: Vest-og Sydsjalland
Country: Danmark