Baltic E-ferry

In the framework of the “Baltic E-ferry” project partners will jointly analyse the technological solutions as well as operational measures that could be later implemented locally for green waterborne transport. The objective of the future regular project will be to increase the use of renewable energy in the waterborne transport sector in the South Baltic area.

Project total eligible budget
€ 40,000.00
€ 33,600.00
Project start date
01 Mar 2023
Project end date
30 Jun 2023
Lead partner

Name: Administration of Silute District Municipality
Address: Dariaus ir Gireno, 1, Silute, LT-99133
Region/Subregion: Vidurio ir vakarų Lietuvos regionas, Klaipėdos apskritis LT023
Country: Lithuania

Project partner
Name: City of Gdansk
Country: Poland
Name: City of Barth
Country: Germany
Name: The Swedish National Road and Transport Reaserch Institute (VTI)
Country: Sweden
Category of intervention

Name: Balteus Foundation
Country: Poland