Baltic Cinema Net (Seed Money)

Project description

The Baltic Cinema project aims at developing the cross-border cooperation based on a network consisting of the centres, which operate non-commercial cinemas, and in particular cinemas, that are not multiplexes.
The purpose of the cluster is to build a network uniting the cinemas, local cultural institutions, nongovernmental organizations engaged in film education and promotion of cinematography. The main objective of the main project is going to be the increase of the number of entities cooperating in the cross-border area in the Baltic Sea region through the creation of a cinema cluster "Baltic Cinema net", which will be composed of institutions from Poland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and Lithuania. The project will aim at increasing the number of projects undertaken in the region to promote cultural cooperation, cultural and natural heritage and a common identification of the Baltic Sea area. Through the activities of the cluster it is planned to enhance the number of shared initiatives (including the organization of the international film festival "See the Sea", promoting the cultural heritage of the region, the organization of training courses, workshops, exchanging partnerships, which aim to strengthen the capacity of both the network and cooperation with local organizations) organized in the Baltic Sea region.

Project total eligible budget
16 440,00 EUR
13 518,00 EUR
Project start date
01 Sep 2016
Project end date
31 Dec 2016
Lead partner
Name: Center of European Meetings Światowid in Elbląg
Address: Plac Jagiellonczyka 1, 82-300 Elbląg
Region/Subregion: Elbląski
Country: Poland
Project partner
Name: Reaktor Sydost
Address: Vilhelm Mobergs gata 2, 35234 Växjö
Region/Subregion: Kronobergs län
Country: Sweden
Category of intervention
119 Investment in institutional capacity and in the efficiency of public administrations and public services at the national,
regional and local levels with a view to reforms, better regulation and good governance