New opportunities of CBC at the Umbrella’s Awareness Raising Event

The Umbrella's first Awareness Raising Event took place on 11th and 12th June: it successfully gathered almost 100 participants from organizations and institutions operating within the South Baltic region.

The event boosted the potential of the area, fostering cooperation and encouraging new projects, stimulating participants' curiosity and interest.

During the first day the importance of sustainable use of natural resources was shown through some study visits: participants could choose between Marszewo Forest Botanical Garden in Gdynia, Gdynia Acquarium and Maritime Institute in Gdansk. They were involved in activities aimed to demonstrate how strong the connection between environmental protection and citizens’ well-being is.

The second day was mostly focused on cross border cooperation: an historical overview, held by the Prof. Jacek Zaucha, pointed out the challenging process that, passing through the Hanseatic League, has allowed the current CBC within the region.

Then the lecture by the Prof. Dorota Simpson clarified what is identity and how to shape it.

During the afternoon, representatives of organizations shared their experiences through focus discussions and workshops about three topics: culture and tourism, youth and sustainable transport.

At the end the stakeholders got to know more about which can be the bases for the CBC nowadays, exploring the specific offer of the Umbrella project.

During the whole day, participants also had the chance to talk with JS representatives who answered their questions about the South Baltic Programme.



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