Project title
ArcheoBalt- Laying fixed foundations for innovative Archeotourism - a new "green" Archeoroute in the Southern Baltic Sea Region
Project description
The project aims to promote common touristic assets and to create profitable – green and blue profitable touristic rout (e. g. as the Maya route in Mexico). The long-term aim of the project is to connect universities, museums and touristic industry for development of an Archaeo - route, to integrate the existing ideas and routes to improve the existing routes and offers and develop touristic offer. The specific project objective is to create strategy for Archaeotourism in SBSR and its implementation tools. The project ArcheoBalt will deliver four main outputs, explicitly: 1. SBSR Cross-border resources for sustainable archaeotourism through their history, culture and nature. 2. SBSR Green and Blue Archaeoroute as alternative for traditional tourism. 3. Pilot investment in SBSR –innovative presentation of SBSR heritage. 4. Archaeotouristic centers network- the network of involved institutions. The project ArcheoBalt comprises six work packages and includes activities that will have great social impact since the start of the project within the different levels of government and society within the decision-making processes of the project, regarding preparation and execution of strategies for the Archaeoroute as element of conservation of knowledge of the regional heritage, memory and identity: WP 1: Project Management. WP 2: Communication and Dissemination. WP 3: Archaeotourism tools - Research for Project. WP 4: SBSR Green and Blue Archaeoroute. WP 5: Archaeoturistic augmented reality games. WP 6: Small scale investments: Archaeotourisctic centers network. The project will directly result the in the development of new projects and in specialized training for the benefit of the Baltic Region Archaeology and the creative economy and new managerial model within cultural & educational field. The project Archaeobalt will seek to create joint social responsibility and improve in infrastructure as well as to increase the number of highly qualified personnel.
Project total eligible budget
2 009 568,00
1 587 442,40
Project start date
01 Jul 2018
Project end date
30 Jun 2021
Lead partner
Name: University of Gdańsk Contact person: Waldemar Ossowski Address: Jana Bażyńskiego 8, Gdańsk Region/Pomorskie Country: Poland
Project partner
Name: Historical Museum of Gdańsk Contact person: Andrzej Gierszewski Address: Długa 46-47, 80-831 Gdańsk Region/Subregion: Pomorskie Country: Poland
Name: University of Aarhus Contact person: Jeans-Bjorn Riis Andresen Address: Nordre Ringgade 1, 8000 Aarhus Region/Subregion: Other DK Country: Denmark
Name: Museum of Bornholm Contact person: M. Nicolas Caretta Address: Sct. Mortensgade 29, 3700 Ronne Region/Subregion: Bornholm Country: Denmark
Name: Lund University Contact person: Jan Apel Address: Helgonavägen 3 LUX, 22100 Lund Region/Subregion: Skane län Country: Sweden