A project on Biomass Innovation and Green Growth approved as EUSBSR flagship

The national coordinators of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) has approved a new flagship project “Bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area: Biomass-based Innovation and Green Growth” (BioBIGG) this month.

Scientists who work in the BioBIGG investigate how unutilised biological resources, especially such as grain, sugar beet production, vegetable, forestry and wood product manufacturing can be converted into the bio-fuel and other innovative products.

The biomass-based materials and their building blocks can be converted into a variety of innovative food product, non-food products and bioenergy. The BioBIGG project will identify innovation potentials, point out and prepare the most relevant and economically attractive opportunities for piloting and investments, seen in a cross-border perspective.

The lead partner of this project is Roskilde University situated in Denmark. In cooperation with 5 other partners the project is run under the Horizontal Action Climate is financed by Interreg South Baltic programme. It will last until 2020.

More information about the project you may find on projects’ website.