3rd Seed money call projects have been selected for funding

The 3rd Seed money call for proposals of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020 aimed to develop ideas for regular projects to be implemented and financed under the future Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027. The call was open for 8 weeks, between 13 September and 5 November 2021.

During the call, lead applicants submitted 69 project proposals. The sum of total eligible budgets requested amounted to 2,7 mln EUR.

Following the assessment phase, the selection of the 3rd Seed money call projects has been made by the Monitoring Committee in the form of a written procedure held between 24 January - 7 February 2022. Before the procedure, the allocation for the call has been re-calculated based on the Programme savings as of 12 January 2022.

As the result of the 3rd call for seed money projects, 43 projects have been selected for funding by the Monitoring Committee of the Programme. In total the allocated financial resources to these projects amount to 1 704 000,00 EUR. The projects approved cover 6 out of 7 specific objectives of the Programme (the call was not open for the Specific Objective 4 'Skills development').  The selected projects are listed in the attachment below.

 3rd Seed money call Monitoring Committee decision