30 runs for 3️0 years of Interreg

Needless to say, that celebration of 30 years of Interreg is about its visibility. We want to encourage everyone who appreciates activities of Interreg programmes, identifies with the South Baltic region and wants to add value to the Interreg brand awareness effort to celebrate with us. “The 30 runs for 3️0 years of Interreg” challenge is not only for project people. Everybody is welcome on the starting line. We are different age but no one is too young or too old to look in the same direction. There are borders between us but not barriers. We are all neighbours. We want the good for our region. We want to act together. Running connects people. Let’s get together and celebrate 30 years of Interreg! 

What is "the 30 runs for 3️0 years of Interreg" challenge about?
We give you a branded Interreg South Baltic t-shirt. You take part in any race in the region of the South Baltic Programme; take a photo of yourself from the race wearing our t-shirt; post it on your Facebook account tagging @SouthBaltic using #InterregSouthBaltic #Interreg30 #CooperationYear

What is the aim of the challenge?
We want to increase visibility and awareness of the Interreg brand, get connected and celebrate.

Who is this challenge for?
The challenge is for everyone who appreciates Interreg programmes’ activities, identifies with the South Baltic region, wants to add value to the Interreg brand awareness effort and would like to have fun celebrating the 30th birthday of Interreg.  

What races I can participate in?
You can participate in any race in Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. The distance does not matter. 

How do I get a t-shirt?
Contact us after registering to a race and we will agree on how to send the t-shirt to you.

How long the challenge will last?
The challenge ends on 30 June 2021 or after the 30 runs were completed. The time of the challenge has been extended due to the coronavirus lockdown.

When do I receive the goodies?
The goodies will be distributed after the challenge is finished. We will contact all the runners.

If I take part in many races, am I entitle to receive goodies for every race?
No, the goodies will be given only once, to all runners, after the challenge is finished.

Kasia and Mate, the JS staff members, standing with medals after the running race.