1st Small-scale projects call to be opened soon – Terms of Reference and supporting measures

The Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027 will soon open the 1st Small-scale projects (SSP) call for proposals. The call is to be open between 22 February - 21 March 2024.

The Small-scale projects call for proposals aims to empower local actors and encourage regional communities, smaller organisations, and NGOs to participate in the Programme to foster sustainable development of the Programme area by tapping into the unique perspectives and innovative ideas of the formed partnerships. The projects are expected to contribute to the achievement of the Programme's objectives and facilitate the implementation of solutions that benefit the Programme area and its communities.

In order to ensure proper time to develop project proposals, we provide information on the rules of the call and supporting measures before the day of the call opening.


Terms of Reference

The main source of information on the requirements of the 1st Small-scale projects call is the dedicated Terms of Reference (ToR). You can access the document  here.


Informational webinar

The Joint Secretariat (JS) is organising a webinar for potential applicants of the call. The webinar will take place between 10:00 and 12:00 CET on Tuesday, 20 February, in the MS Teams application. It will include a presentation on the general provisions and specifications of the small-scale project facility, a presentation of the online application form (WOD), and a Q&A session after each presentation. In order to participate, please register until 19 February by 16:00 CET. A link to join the webinar will be sent to registered participants.

Registration Form 

 Agenda of the Event 

 Event rules 


Building partnerships

To facilitate the creation of strong partnerships, the JS is organising a webinar addressed to potential beneficiaries. The main goal is to encourage new partnerships by giving the floor to participants. It will be a unique opportunity to present project ideas and organisations and to find new possibilities for cross-border cooperation. We welcome potential applicants, stakeholders, and experts from across South Baltic region. The webinar will take place in Zoom application between 10:00-11:20 CET on Tuesday, 27 February. The registration is open till 23 February. Registered participants will receive link to the event shortly after completing the registration.

Registration Form 


 Event rules

Partner search in the Programme is also supported by Contact Points (CPs). If you are looking for project partners or would like to join a project, please approach the relevant CP. Their contact details are available here. For your request to be considered, please provide comprehensive information to CPs. For projects looking for partners it is compulsory to provide the CPs with  project concept form when approaching them.

It is strongly advised to approach the respective CP (i.e. in the region where the given organisation is located) if privately owned project partners are included to the partnership (SMEs are not eligible partners in the SSP call, but NGOs are) to check the eligibility of the organisations.


Individual project consultations

To support the development of good quality projects, the JS provides individual project consultations online. The consultations are organised between 5-7 March and 12-14 March. Each project idea under development can take part once in the consultations. The project must be represented by the lead partner that may invite further project partners. The consultations meetings are conducted in English and last up to an hour. 

In order to take part in the consultations, the lead partner must register seven days before the date of the meeting the latest. In order to take part in the consultations, the completed project idea template must be sent to the JS five days before the meeting. You can download the template  here.

Registration form 

 Rules of the consultations