1st Mini Call project #5

We continue presenting the 1st Mini Call projects and their objectives.

The 5th out of 9 projects, Connect2SmallPorts – South Baltic Ports as Gateways towards Integrated Sustainable European Transport System and Blue Growth by Smart Connectivity Solutions, covering Sustainable transport.

The project will be implemented within the approved project lifetime, by 31.12.2021. Until that date, the project plans to conduct activities individually, as well as in cooperation with another Interreg South Baltic project, SECMAR.

Activities implemented individually:

  • Digital auditing for small ports located in the Baltic Sea Region (also those beyond the Programme's area).
  • Developing and launching of an online platform to publish and maintain recorded materials, online events, as well as a transfer of trainings/workshops to an online course (due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic)

Activities planned in cooperation with the SECMAR project:

  • Implementing a pilot Port Drone Management System in the Port of Ystad. The pilot involves usage of drones to supervise port operations and environmental control,
  • Establishing Small Ports Digitalisation Excellence Centre – a contact point institution for small ports in the SB region, acting as a hub of experts and intermediates for small ports to open up potential cooperation initiatives with maritime companies;


The Connect2SmallPorts project contributes to extending project scope to create added value and to mitigate the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on project implementation.


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