1st Mini Call project #3

We continue presenting the 1st Mini Call projects and their objectives.

The 3rd out of 9 projects, COASTAL Biogas – Cluster On Anaerobic digestion, environmental Services and NuTrients removal, covering Green technologies.

The project’s implementation has been extended by 6 months, until 31 December 2022.

With its extension, COASTAL Biogas will be able to develop recommendations for decision-makers on how biogas from seaweed can be used to manage the nutrient level of the Baltic Sea. The dissemination of the recommendations will be strengthened by a workshop for respective target groups. The project will also organise an additional final conference and virtual study tour covering the whole COASTAL Biogas value chain. However, before dealing with the extensive dissemination of the project results, the partners will conduct further laboratory research on processing seaweed for biogas production (This is needed to verify unexpected results from previous tests conducted in the project). Additionally, the project will implement data exchange with CONTRA project (Interreg BSR) to perform analysis on external data gathered by CONTRA regarding the socio-economic aspects of the utilisation of cast seaweed.

The project contributes to:

- mitigation of negative consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on project implementation,

- extending the project's scope to create added value.


graphic with project's and programme's logos consisting information from the article