1st Call Projects sailing off into Innovative & Sustainable South Baltic - BBU

Baltic Biking UPGRADE (BBU) will address the significant challenges of SMEs along the South Baltic part of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route – EuroVelo10 (EV10) when the SMEs are to create attractive bookable offers and successfully reach out to foreign markets. These challenges are due to a lack of knowledge, underdeveloped bicycle-friendly standards, services & offer & a lack of business contacts and partnerships with relevant peers.

This shall be achieved via:

  • Rolling out bicycle-friendly services along the EV10.
  • Creating new SME products & offers for customers around the EV10.
  • Joint marketing of the EV10 SMEs offer on various markets.
  • Strengthening the strategic development & management of the EV10.

BBU will boost the economic growth of SMEs in the South Baltic area while creating a new platform with networking, matchmaking & promo possibilities for new/improved bicycle-friendly offers, also increasing the SME’s level of internationalisation by introducing new partnerships & cross-border offers among them from South Baltic region and beyond.

 Graphic of BBU project