1st Call Projects sailing off into Innovative & Sustainable South Baltic - AquaLoop


The barriers of aquaculture development in the region are further increased by the limited application of and markets for aquaculture products and by-products. The present state-of-play of aquaculture production in the South Baltic region will continue to permit the expansion of non-sustainable fish production in other parts of the world, unless new production methods that support circular economy and blue biotechnology are universally adopted. This change would contribute significantly to all ESGs, EUSBSR, Farm-to-Fork, EU Biodiversity Strategy, and the EU Green Deal.

The objective of the AquaLoop project is to develop, promote, and support the concept of circular aquaculture in the South Baltic region for the green transition, with a focus on nutrient loop containment with by-products production towards responsible consumption. Main outputs will include three cross-border pilots concentrating on testing, demonstration, and communication of the circular approach:

  • TARAS - Testing Algae Applications in Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) to improve aquaculture circularity potential.
  • NEMATIC - Increasing the Nutrient Efficiency of commercial Aquaculture through increased application of circular economy concepts.
  • FISHVISA - Development of the Fish-Shrimp-Vegetables Integrated System of aquaponics to highlight the potential of circular economy principles in RAS.

Graphic for AquaLoop project